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"Not all who wander are lost." J.R.R. Tolkien



This is an extract of my favourite work showing private interests, studying time and self employment projects.


What's Inside

Our mission as designer is to relaunch the presence of Internet. Distribute ambitious Designideas and realize understandable concepts for costumers.


Web 3.0, HTML5 solutions and device optimization are requirements. We have to connect the technical and creative position.

Newest technology

Front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and Content Management implementations have to be natural for a web designer.

Flat Design

Simple, doesn´t mean easy. The challenge of good design is it to simplify the complexity to an understandable construct.


Meet Me

I´am a Mediadesigner who is interested in Developer themes. My focus areas are online solutions that include all needs of layouts. The challenge of best usability and how to realize the wish of costumers is my passion.

  • Treble
    Katrin Seidel
    Media Designer, Born March 1984
    in Cottbus, Germany